YEC Trading

YEC Trading manufactures, sells and hires fairing compound mixing machines. Filling by hand is hard work and is very time-consuming. YEC’s fairing compound mixer machine is designed in a manageable format that fits in trucks or on trailers. The machine can be moved with a forklift truck, and has lifting eyes so that it can easily be placed on board your boat when you are carrying out filling work. Putting the fairing compound mixing machine right next to where it needs to be used considerably reduces the amount of man hours needed to complete a job. It is no longer necessary to climb up and down scaffolding!

Our fairing compound mixer machine is easy to use and is manufactured using high-quality components, with the result that there is virtually no wear and tear. As a consequence there is little need for maintenance. The machine’s efficient mixing system produces the minimum amount of waste which means that little in the way of cleaning is required at the end of a job.

The machine operates using compressed air (6 bar). The weight and the consistency of machine-mixed fairing compounds is very nearly identical to hand-mixed fairing compounds. This makes the fairing compound considerably easier to sand, with the result that less sanding paper is required. The fairing compound’s flexibility is similar or better compared with hand-mixed fairing compounds and its hardness (shore D) is excellent. The machine has a disposable mixing pipe. One person can easily change the machine’s two separate drums (50 litres) by hand.

Consequently, YEC’s fairing compound mixing machine offers many advantages over mixing by hand.