Sanding machines

YEC supplies compressed air tools manufactured by top brands Dynabrade and Dotco. Dynabrade air sanders are some of the best machines available on the market and they have been used in the yacht building industry for many years already due to their efficiency.

YEC has two types of sanding machines available:

– One for coarse sanding, e.g. for fillers (planetary-driven)
– an eccentric model for fine sanding, e.g. on topcoats

We have machines available in the following sizes: 150 mm, 203 mm and 280 mm in diameter. All Dynabrade machines are fitted with speed control and a dust extraction device via 6 holes in the pad and in the side. Machines are available with Stickit pad or Hookit pads. The sound level when in use is 75 dB.

Dotco eccentric rotary compressed air sanding machine (model 12L1820-16HR) can be used on a variety of surfaces. The machine is lightweight (0.86 kg), revolves at high speed (12,000 RPM), has a pad diameter of 6 inches and a highly effective 6-hole dust extraction system.