International Paint supplies has various reliable systems available both commercial vessels and the luxury yacht building sector. These systems are suitable for both interior and exterior use, both above and below the water line.

YEC has the entire international range of products available, including:

– Interprime 820 (2 K epoxy primer)
– Interfill 830 (2 K epoxy light-weight filler)
– Interfill 833 (2 K epoxy finishing filler)
– Interfill epoxy finishing filler (2 K epoxy finishing filler)
– Polyurethane basecoat (2 K polyurethane basecoat)
– Perfection topcoat (2 K polyurethane topcoat)
– Gelshield plus and Gelshield 200 (for anti-osmosis treatment or prevention)

Products such as Interspeed are available for antifouling. This is a powerful, efficient form of protection against fouling in salt and brackish water. Deze sterke antifouling bevat koper en is hard en schrobbaar.This effective antifouling paint contains copper, it has a hard finish and can be scrubbed.

Interspeed is very suitable for high-speed motorboats and sailing yachts, but it can also be used for yachts on dry moorings. It is not suitable for use on aluminium or galvanised ships).