Hempel paint products are used across the world for yachts and ships, drilling rigs, containers, industry, storage tanks and buildings. Professional yacht builders and others thereby benefit from the technical expertise required when using advanced coatings.

Hempel products available at YEC includes:

– Hempadur 35530 Multistrength (2K high-build epoxy solvent-free, e.g. for tanks and maintenance)
– Hempadur 45141 (2 K epoxy paint, e.g. for ballast tanks and maintenance)
– Hempel 45200 HI BUILD (2 K epoxy paint, e.g. for intermediate coats or topcoats)
– Hempadur MASTIC (2 K high-build epox paint, surface tolerant; e.g. as an intermediate coats or topcoats)
– Hempadur 85671 (2 K phenolic epoxy paint (novalac), e.g. for drinking water tanks)
– Him hempel 45182 (2K epoxy as a tie-coat between epoxy and antifouling)

** Sikkens
Sikkens products have been used for many years and they are well known in the yacht-building sector. YEC supplies top-quality Sikkens coatings for exterior and interior use, including:

– Rubbol AZ plus
– Rubbol Satura plus
– car lacquer for a metallic finish
– various clear varnish systems for all types of wood; both for interiors and exteriors
– Polyflex clear varnish (a two-component paint system for interiors)