De IJssel

De IJssel Coatings has an extensive range of two-component coatings, varnish for new builds, repairs and maintenance and products for fibreglass reinforced composite materials. De IJssel Coatings specialises in two-component products based on unsaturated polyester resins, epoxies and polyurethane composites. These top-quality products are suitable for professional yacht painters and the retail market, as well as for yacht building and polyester processing industries.

De Ijssel’s product range includes:

– Epoxy fills LG (lightweight epoxy-based filler)
– Epoxy finishing filler (fine epoxy based finishing filler)
– Ymofix (extremely fine polyester filler)
– Poltix spuitplamuur (extremely fine polyester spray filler)
– Epoxy Rolcoating (solvent free epoxy intermediate coat)
– IJmopox HB coating (high-solid coating, e.g. for underwater use)
– IJmopox ZF primer (adhesion primer, e.g. for steel, aluminium and various composites. Suitable for surfaces below the waterline)
– Double Coat (2 K polyurethane finish)