YEC is the official dealer for 3M Marine non-paint products and we supply professional yacht builders with the full range of 3M products. The following products are always available in stock:

– Sandpaper (roll) 70 mm x 23m, dry and wet
– Sandpaper (roll) 115 mm X 50 m, dry and wet
– Sanding disks 150/200 mm, 7 holes, all coarseness grades Hookit (Velcro attachment)
– Sanding disks 150/200 mm, 6 holds, all coarseness grades Stickit (adhesive attachment)
– Various types of tape: masking tape 2328 series, auto-masking tape AT 233 series, masking gold 244 series and fine line applied tape 218 series
– Various dust/carbon filters and dust masks
– Cleaning agents for moulds, yacht varnish and gel coats, support pads and disks

YEC also has an extensive range of 3M products available for yacht maintenance, specifically designed for processes such as:

– Gel coat finishing
– Mould gel coat finishing
– Yacht coating finishing
– Sanding stages